{{ Happy Munday, guys! ;w; }}

{{ Happy Munday, guys! ;w; }}

Memento Viviere [ Elle I Josh ]


The boy watched in awe as the familiar figure approached him. 

“Elle!”, he smiled excitedly, a wave of comfort surrounded him as they embraced. His hands clung onto the backing of the girl’s jacket. Finally. Someone had come searching for him. 

Relieved to see the boy, she was on the verge of tears. She ruffled his russet-colored locks with a wry, little grin.

"Hey, buddy.S’been awhile."

Finally, she stood up straight and placed her hands on her hips.

"Where have you been? We oughta bring you back to your mom. Lillian’s been worried sick about you…"

Memento Viviere [ Elle I Josh ]


Hearing a shout, the boy turned, looking about the fog in attempt to figure which way it came from. Unable to clearly recognize the voice, he began taking small steps forward, his eyes darting all around him. “Hello?”

The prodigal son rested before her very eyes.

Gasping, she ran towards him. She fell to her knees—which were certain to bruise, in the aftermath. Blue eyes traced over the form of the boy, frantic and wide.

“Josh!” She exclaimed, delight and relief flooding her features.

“…Is that really you?”
It was a dumb question, but she could never be sure nowadays.

Elle wrapped her arms around him in a bear hug.

Memento Viviere [ Elle I Josh ]

Day in, day out. She never gave up. The search was endless. She could feel it in her bones. Determined, she sought out the light at the end of the road. The posters invoked nothing but sorrow. Yet, she persisted with her endeavors.

The young Holloway sighed after a particularly long day. She set down the stapler gun on the step ladder. There were no thieves in Shepherd’s Glen. At least, nowadays… Blue eyes narrowed, spying a figure at the end of the street. Curiosity got the better of her. She started off by walking, which turned into a brisk jog.


She called out.

I can’t be seeing things. This has to be real.

But what if it wasn’t?

The Truth is in Our Hands


“I wont.”

Alex released Elle from his comforting grip, having failed to comfort her it seemed.  His shoulders sank ever so slightly and he sighed.  This would NOT be a promise that Alex would break, even if his life depended on it.

“Elle…..I need to talk to your mother.  I think she knows more than what she’s letting on about all of this.”

He left out the part where Margaret had invited him over to her house for dinner.  Somehow he figured that wasn’t exactly something for Elle to be thinking about.  But he needed to find out what Margaret knew.

“But I need a favor from you.  I’m really worried about my mother, she’s a complete wreck right now with Joshua missing.  Would you…..mind looking after her?”

She combed her fingers through her hair, looking distraught. Loose, blonde strands escaped her ponytail. Elle couldn’t believe the implications. In fact, she refused to. Her mother was a good woman. Sure, the judge had a difficulty with showing familial love, but… She adored her mom, looked up to the woman.

Of course, Alex’s words seemed crazy and unbelievable to her.

Lower lip trembling, she forced a nod.

“Yeah… Fine…” Distraction and horror tainted her tone. “She’s probably at Town Hall. She spends all of her time there, anyway. I hardly see her.”

As if Elle didn’t already. The girl left that part out. She spent a great deal of her time, looking after Lillian Shepherd. The poor woman was all alone… In her frail condition, that didn’t make for a good case.

“Of course.” Genuine concern was present in her voice. “I guess we’ll talk later.” She fiddled with the collar of her sports jacket.

The Truth is in Our Hands



Alex walked up to her and held her face in his hands.  He knew for a fact she didn’t believe what she was saying.  Her voice told him she did, but her eyes told him she didn’t, not in her heart.

“Look at what’s happened to this place.  Your mother was never the terribly emotional type, so why would she stop in the middle of this nightmare to visit your father?  What was she REALLY doing here?”

He stroked her cheek with his thumb, as if to soothe whatever pain she felt.  Alex knew in his bones that Judge Holloway was hiding something about what was going on in Shepherd’s Glen.

Alex moved his hands down to her shoulders and gave them a squeeze.

“I told you we were going to get to the bottom of this, Elle, I made you a promise.”


Elle hesitated, on the verge of saying something. She was all choked up, afraid of the truth. Perhaps it was best to be jaded. The pain of reality was a terrible burden, one that she, alone, was forced to bear. Blue eyes honed in on the dirt, studying he insignificant pebbles. Those rocks were small, meaningless- Just like her insignificant life.

She nibbled on her lower lip, shaking her head.

“Dad gave that to her,” the young girl mumbled.

But I’ve never seen her wear it.

Her head hurt. She brushed off his touch. Physical comforts did little to help her. A hand snaked up to toy with her locket, which she had ultimately been her mother’s. Of course, the stern judge never wore it… Nora’s picture was planted inside. Thus, the piece of jewelry became a creature comfort for Elle.

“I know she’s not emotional,” she snapped. Perhaps she quipped out of aggravation, stress, of exhaustion; maybe a combination of the three. Who could sleep in this hell?

“She still loved him.”

Elle doubted her words.

“Why else would they be together?”
It was an innocent question that she didn’t want an answer to.

Defeated, she picked up her head to gaze at her friend.

“I know, Alex. Just don’t break your promise this time, okay?”

The Truth is in Our Hands


Alex took another couple of steps toward the sound of the shoveling.  His heart was starting to race.  With everything that was happening in town, with all the disappearances, this wasn’t exactly at the top of the list of things he wanted to hear.

He passed one of the mausoleums and looked through the gate to his left just past it.  Sure enough, there was a man digging into the ground.  It looked like one of the few empty plots left in the cemetary, so he obviously wasn’t a grave robber.  He definitely looked familiar.

“No….” Alex whispered, as much to himself as to Elle next to him.  ”It can’t be.”

He took another step toward the gate.  It was none other than the mayor of Shepherd’s Glen, Mayor Bartlett!

“The Hell’s going on here, Elle?”

"If I knew, I’d tell you," she shot back.

Or maybe she wouldn’t.

Then again, Alex was her best friend. Even if he did leave her and this dreadful town behind. With a sigh, she peered over Alex’s shoulder, standing on her tiptoes in order to get a better view of Mayor Barlett. Her lip curled in disdain. The man was a drunkard, something she could hardly stand.

Why he was digging away was beyond her.

"We should just leave him be," Elle mumbled. "He’s probably drinking again…"

She had found him passed out on his lawn one too many times.

"Let’s keep looking, Alex."

The Truth is in Our Hands


The fog seemed to get thicker as they reached the gates to the cemetary.  Alex opened one side of them, the heavy, rusted wrought-iron gate squealing slightly as he held it open for Elle.

As they walked down one of the rows of graves, Alex heard the sound of someone shoveling dirt.  He turned to Elle and put a finger to his lips.  Whoever it was, he didn’t want to startle them in case they were armed or worse…

She could barely see ahead of her. In fact, Elle had to narrow her eyes. Every day, she was out in the fog. So, she had grown accustomed to the dense air that enveloped the two. Elle bobbed her head and entered the resting ground.

The young Holloway raised a brow in question, but remained silent. Her thoughts wandered elsewhere, to the drunkard of a mayor. To her mother. To Nora. It didn’t help- this little diversion. It only made her feel worse about the situation.

The Truth is in Our Hands


**puts a hand on her lower back**

Come on, we’re gonna get to the bottom of this, together.  I wont leave you again.

**starts walking towards the cemetary**

She mustered a thin smile and nodded. Together, the duo headed over towards the cemetery. It was such a bleak place to begin…

"That means a lot, Alex. Thanks."

It felt odd to speak to her dear friend again. After all, it had been years since she last heard of him.

"We’ll be like detectives," she grinned, almost giddy at the thought. Law enforcement had never been her passion. Yet, she recalled of a time where the two played a game of cops as children.